Made for celebrating every occasion. Just pop in a Can of Gagagngiri Ready to Eat Gulab Jamun and add to the moment. These Juicy khoya balls, fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup are everyone’s favourite. Serve it straight from the Pack, anytime. In festivals, make the moment special with garnishes and thrill your guests with this delight.

Shelf Life

6 Month

Available in


Nutritional Information (Per 100g)


410 Kcal


68.1 g


12.36 g


6.58 g

Added Sugar

52.0 g


Biscuit Toppings

This recipe is going to delight your guests. You can be more artistic preparing this recipe. We are using gagangiri Shrikhand to make amazing biscuit toppings.

Gagangiri Sandwich

Bombay sandwich is one of the favorites with Commuters in Mumbai. It has gained wide popularity. You can preapare it within minutes using gagangiri Table butter and get over with your petty cravings.

Butter Cookies

Little salted butter cookies is everyone's favorites. We are presenting an easy preparation method using Gagangiri Butter.

Dahi Wade

Once of the favorite Chaat, Dahi wade always lit up the occasion. Here we are preparing Dahi wade using gagangiri Dahi.