Paneer Tikka

Ab absolute mouthwatering recipe for tikka lovers. Gagangiri Panner just makes a softest and juicy tikka.

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Step 1

Bring a gagangiri 200g block. Gagangiri paneer becaouse of its softness and density is ideal to make tikka.

Step 2

Cut the paneer in 4 equal pieces.

Step 3

Cut red capsicum in small pieces. This we are using to make marinate masala.

Step 4

Take a few red chillies, few garlic cloves. coriander seeds, black pepper and put capsicum pieces in these spicies.

Step 5

Add salt as per your test to these spices mix.

Step 6

Grind it and makes fine paste.

Step 7

Take the paneer pieces and dip it into the paste so the paneer is covered with this marinated paste.

Step 8

Perform the same with rest of the paneer pieces. 

Step 9

We are going to grill it on a cast iron pane. You can use non stick pan too. Add oil the pan and heat it.

Step 10

Add paneer to the pan and grill it slowly.

Step 11

It wil take 10-15 mins to cook the tikkas.

Step 12

We are now making the side salad. cut onion into slices and open up the layers.

Step 13

Slice a cabbage and open up the long thin pieces. Do the same leftover red capsicom.

Step 14

Serve it nicely in a serving plate. arrange the salad along the sides.

Step 15

Put some fresh mint over the tikka. You are going to surprise a guest with your culinary skills.


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