Masala Chass

When you want to make your chass masaledar, Here is the way. We are going to make gagangiri plain chass into masala chass.

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Step 1

Take a small quantities of cumin seeds, black salt, and black pepper in a morter.

Step 2

Remember to roast the cumin seeds before grinding.

Step 3

Crush with it pestle,

Step 4

Grinding it with mortar-pestle is a better and traditional wat to preserve the aroma which cant be achieved using a electrical machine.

Step 5

Make a fine powder of the spices

Step 6

Your chass masala is ready. You can also ziplock it to be used later.

Step 7

Take a mixing bowl.

Step 8

We a using plain chass. take a 500ml pack of gagangiri plain chass.

Step 9

Empty the entire pack in the mixing cup.

Step 10

Add prepared chass masala to it. As per your taste and how strong you want your masala to be, take the appropriate quantity.

Step 11

Using a wooden Whisker/ Ghotni, Mix the masala into the chass.

Step 12

Mix it till, a nice froth is formed.

Step 13

Pour it in the glasses.

Step 14

Add a few hints of the chass masala over the top. It gives a nice appearance and aroma.


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