Biscuit Toppings

This recipe is going to delight your guests. You can be more artistic preparing this recipe. We are using gagangiri Shrikhand to make amazing biscuit toppings.

Bombay Sandwich

Bombay Sandwich is one of the favorites with Commuters in Mumbai. It has gained wide popularity. You can prepare it within minutes using Gagangiri Table Butter and get over with your petty craving.

Butter Cookies

Little salted butter cookies is everyone favorite. We are presenting an easy preparation method using Gagangir Butter.

Dahi Wade

One of the favorite chaat, Dahi wade always it lit up the occasion. Here we are preparing Dahi wade Using gagangiri dahi.

Dal Tadka

Make a twist in your everyday food. Add a bit of tadka with gagangir Ghee. It makes your dal so delicious.


Malpua is one of the most traditional indian desserts. Lets see how to make mouth melting malpua using gagangiri milkpowder.

Mango Lassi

Nothing Surprise your Friends and guest when you improvise. Lets try make mango lassi using gagangiri shahi lassi. Its surely going to give you many praises. Nutrition Facts

Masala Chass

When you want to make your chass masaledar, Here is the way. We are going to make gagangiri plain chass into masala chass.

Mint Chass

Add a bit of mint to your favorite masala chass. Delight yourself and your guest with this breathtaking combination. Its very easy and takes only minutes.

Moong Dal Halwa

moong dal halwa is a traditional sweet dish. One of the favourites in auspicious occasions. Delight everyone with this traditional sweet halwa prepared with gagangiri ghee.

Nutty Lassi

This quick recipe is all about flavorings to gagangiri shahi lassi. These vital nuts, almonds, pistachios, a few rose petal give a nice refreshing experinence.

Paneer Bhurji

For veg lovers, paneer bhurji is a dearest recipe. We are here going to make paneer bhurji from gagangiri paneer with green pease and tomatoes.

Paneer Tikka

Ab absolute mouthwatering recipe for tikka lovers. Gagangiri Panner just makes a softest and juicy tikka.


Make soft mouthwatering pedhas from gagangiri Milk powder. Its real quick and delicious.

Sevai Cup Shrikhand

We are sharing a wonderful sweet made with sevai and gagangiri shrikhand. Its going to be an amazing sweet you have ever tasted.

Shahi Paneer

Learn how to make lovely mouthwatering shahi paneer recipe. gagangiri panner in so soft and tender. it just creates the magic.


A nice creamy yoghurt mix from gagangiri shrikhand that you and kids are going to enjoy.

Smoked Chass

Here we are going to learn to add smoky flovour to gagangiri masala chass. Your are going to love this extra add-on.

Tea From Milk Powder

This is English tea preparation using gagangiri milkpowder.

Traditional Kadi

This is Authentic kadi preparation from gagangiri chass. Its creamy and yummy.