Mango Lassi

Nothing Surprise your Friends and guest when you improvise. Lets try make mango lassi using gagangiri shahi lassi. Its surely going to give you many praises.

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Step 1

All you need is lassi and mango pulp, It fresh mangoes are not available you can buy frozen mango pulp.

Step 2

Pour gagangiri lassi from its pack in a bowl.

Step 3

Pour a mago pulp at least 1/4 of volume of lassi and mix with the lassi.

Step 4

Using a spoon mix it well.

Step 5

Keep stirring till mango mixes well with the lassi.

Step 6

Pour the lassi in a glass bottle.

Step 7

You can refrigerate it for later consumption.

Step 8

Serve yourself, your guests. This is surely going to be a surprise everyone.


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