Tea From Milk Powder

This is English tea preparation using gagangiri milkpowder.

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Step 1

Por warm water in a cup. First we are going to make milk.

Step 2

Add 4 spoons of powder. The ration must always be 1/10 to the water. 1 parts of milk powder added to 10 parts of water.

Step 3

Mix the powder completely in water using a spoon

Step 4

Stir till the powder is completely dissolved to form a smooth milk.

Step 5

Boil water, Add tea leaves. 

Step 6

Put off the flame and let the tea leaves breaks down to make the tea.

Step 7

Transfer the tea in a cup using strainer.

Step 8

This is English tea. We are  now going to add milk prepared from milk powder to it.

Step 9

Pour milk to the tea cup directly.

Step 10

Let id dissolve.

Step 11

Tea is ready to be served.

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