Malpua is one of the most traditional indian desserts. Lets see how to make mouth melting malpua using gagangiri milkpowder.

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Step 1

Take a 250g Maida in bowl.

Step 2

Tear gagangiri Milkpowder 100g of pack and mix with maida.

Step 3

Add milk to it and form a fine paste.

Step 4

Mix the ingredients well till all mixes well. Keep these aside for a while.

Step 5

We are now going to make sugar syrup. Take 400g of sugar in a pan.

Step 6

Add a water to it and bring it to boil in high flame.

Step 7

Use a spoon to continuously stir the liquid.

Step 8

Add cardamom seeds to the syrup and let it cool. We don’t want to make it very thick. The syrup made for malpua is a little light. To test it take a sample between our fingers and sick it and then open it. It should Be a little sick. To stick wont be good.

Step 9

Now heat gagangiri ghee in a pan. We need only small amount of ghee. Malpua is not about deep frying. Take as much as ghee so one side gets dipped. Use a spoon to place small amount of the maida-milkpowder-milk mix in the ghee.

Step 10

Let the maida cook in the ghee for a few mins.

Step 11

Over turn to the other side of malpua.

Step 12

Take the malpua using stirrer and place it on the sugar syrup.

Step 13

You just have to dip it in sugar syrup for a short time only.

Step 14

Use a fork to tale the malpua out of the syrup and place it on a plate.

Step 15

Add sliced amount and pistachios over the malpua.

Step 16

Serve while hot. This lovely sweet dish will delight your customers.


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