Traditional Kadi

This is Authentic kadi preparation from gagangiri chass. Its creamy and yummy.

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Step 1

You will need a few handful of spices to prepare the kadhi. get your spices  ready, you Will need , cumin seeds, mustard seeds, methi seeds, besan ( gram flour ), red chilies, green chillies, hing ( asafoetida), curry leaves, garlic cloves, coriander seeds and salt to taste.

Step 2

Take a pack of gagangiri plain chass 500g and transfer in a bowl.

Step 3

Add 1 tablespoon of besan. Add salt and turmeric. The more besan you add, the more thicker yopur kadhi is going to be.

Step 4

With the help of wooden whisker/ ghotni, Churn the chass and besan

Step 5

Keep churning till you get a nice froth appearing from the mix.

Step 6

Keep a frying pan for heating Add some amount of oil to it.

Step 7

Add mustard seeds.

Step 8

Add mustard seeds. Let the Mustard seeds crackle and methi seeds to fry.

Step 9

Add curry leaves, chopped garlic, chopped chillies, cumin seeds and red chillies one by one.

Step 10

Once the spices get fried, Pour the chass- besan mix.

Step 11

Keep moving the contents with a spatula till everything mixes well. Bring it boil. Then Simmer for two mins.

Step 12

Transfer the kadi in bowl. Add a few boondi to it.

Step 13

Add a bit of tadka . In tadka bowl, Heat ghee and throw some hing, mustard seeds, red chillies, curry leaves in it. Once it crackle add the tadka in the kadhi

Step 14

Put some coriander leaves in it.

Step 15

Your kadhi is ready.

Step 16

Serve it with steamed rice.


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