Smoked Chass

Here we are going to learn to add smoky flovour to gagangiri masala chass. Your are going to love this extra add-on.

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Step 1

Bring gagangiri masala chass pouches.

Step 2

Empty it in a container. Here we are using an earthen pot.

Step 3

We are going to ad a smoke flavor to it.  For this take a wooden Charcoal.

Step 4

Heat it up in flames and once it start burning up, put it in a small bowl that fits into the mouth of the bowl containing the chass. Add a small amount of ghee in it.

Step 5

Smoke will orginate. Place it in the mouth of the bowl.

Step 6

Close the lid. wait for 4-5 mins, Let the smoke mix with chass to add its flovour.

Step 7

Transfer the smoked chass in serving cups.

Step 8

Add a bit of mint leaves to give extra freshness.


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