Nutty Lassi

This quick recipe is all about flavorings to gagangiri shahi lassi. These vital nuts, almonds, pistachios, a few rose petal give a nice refreshing experinence.

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Step 1

Take a 3 almonds, 4 Pistachios and a couple of cardamom.

Step 2

Using a knife, Shread the almonds in thin pieces.

Step 3

Shread the pistachios in small bits as well

Step 4

Crush some sugar along with cardamom. Make a fine powder.

Step 5

Open a gagangiri lassi cup or pouch and pour in a glass. Here we have used a kulhad (earthen pot) to make it more traditional.

Step 6

Mix some sugar cardamom. Remember its already sweet. garnish the shredded almonds and pistachios over the lassi.

Step 7

Place a few rose petals. These can be fresh or dried. This gives a very fresh aroma to the beverage.

Step 8

This can be one of the most dearest thing to offer your guest. Something, its good to prepare things nicely for yourself too. Have a great day !


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