Make soft mouthwatering pedhas from gagangiri Milk powder. Its real quick and delicious.

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Step 1

Open up two packs gagangiri milk powder 100g and place it on frying pan. Do not start heating now.

Step 2

Ad 50g sugar to the powder.

Step 3

Add milk to it make a paste.

Step 4

Mix it so the sugar dissolve completely. Now start heating the pan. 

Step 5

Continuously stir the mix with a spatula so it shoul not on a pan. Let it thickens a bit.

Step 6

Transfer the thick mix in a plate while its still hot.

Step 7

From a thin block using a knief.

Step 8

Slice almonds and pistachios in thin pieces and sprinkle over the block.

Step 9

Make sure to evenly spread all over the block.

Step 10

Slice the block into small squares.

Step 11

Take each block and place it on a plate to serve. Sprinkle more shredded dry fruits.


For Veggies

For White Sauce

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