Mint Chass

Add a bit of mint to your favorite masala chass. Delight yourself and your guest with this breathtaking combination. Its very easy and takes only minutes.

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Step 1

In this recipe, your are adding a bit of your minty-chilli flavour to the masala butter milk. As per your requirements, use the number of pouches. 1 pouch it meant to be served to 1 person.

Step 2

Take a few green chillies, mint leaves and fresh coriander leaves.

Step 3

Grind all thre and make a fine paste.

Step 4

por the two pouchess of gagangiri masala chass in a bowl.

Step 5

There are two serving of masala chass. How minty you wish to make your chass depends upon the taste.

Step 6

Here we took four table spoon on the mixture in two packs of masala chass.

Step 7

Mix it well.

Step 8

Pour it separate glass and serve it with fresh mint leaves.

Step 9

You can also freeze the grinded paste and use it over the days to comes,


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